Friday, October 31, 2014

New Home, New Backyard!

I just bought a new home, and the backyard is huge! I couldn’t believe how much room I had, and was sort of overwhelmed. I had all this land, and a few chairs and a table. I talked to my mother, a gardening fanatic and she told me to find someone who does landscape maintenance in Santa Clara CA and give them a call! I searched, and so did my mom and we both found one that met all of my backyard needs. My mom stopped over, as I met with the landscaping service that we had agreed upon. Since I just moved, I was on a tight budget and they completed understood. They worked within my budget, and taught me all about my backyard! They let me know they’d stop by every month just to make sure my backyard was doing all right, and had on call service for emergencies! I was so happy with my backyard after it was all done, and so was my mom! The gardening fanatic learned a thing or two, and had started using the same landscape maintenance service company as I did. They were so friend, and always answered our silly questions!