Monday, November 20, 2017

Landscape Smarter

If you're wondering who to call for a job in Silver Spring MD commercial landscape, consider all of the important factors. Paying professionals to improve the landscape of your business is a hefty commitment, and you want to make sure you have a solid plan of action before spending any money.

Make sure that you know the ins and outs of the project you're about to begin. First and foremost, consult with a landscape architect to design what you have in mind (if you're not experienced in landscape design yourself). You should also get quotes from multiple companies before choosing one to work with.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

3 Tips For Effective Weed Control

If you were to track every hour you spent picking weeds out of your landscape, you would probably find that you're doing it way too often. Here are some tips on how to eliminate the high number of weeds that grow on your landscape:

  • Add Mulch. This will prevent weeds from being able to see any light. It also keeps the ground moist and the soil cool. It also is a place where crickets and beetles like to lie, and they seek out and eat weeds. 
  • Let sleeping weeds lie. Weed seeds are all over your lawn, but only a certain amount get enough light to grow. So, minimize soil disturbance by using a narrow blade instead of a shovel so the weed seeds remain under ground, unable to see the light. 
  • Chop off their heads. This will limit the spread of seeds from the the buds. 
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tips for Effective Weed Control

Did you know that your garden needs weeds? Only, of course, if it has patches that are wounded and plantless. There are strategies for making sure that your garden does not need weeds anymore, which will prevent them from ever growing in the first place. Here are some of the best ones:

-  Leave weeds alone when they first come in. When you do need to get rid of them (once they're completely above soil) minimize soil disturbance by slicing them with a sharp knife.
- Apply ample amounts of mulch. Mulch makes sure the weeds are deprived of light, and therefore cannot grow any longer.
- If you cannot remove them, chop off their heads.
- Plant your plants close together, eliminating space in between. Empty space means more room for weeds.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

How to Create a Successful Hardscape

The most important thing to take into consideration when creating a hardscape is the availability of your landscape. You should consult a professional in hardscaping in Burke VA to create a design for you. They will know what to look for. You have to delve into draining issues as well. You need to plan for runoff when it rains or snows. You should also develop a focal point that draws people's attention to one or two visual elements. These elements should also be balanced so it feels natural.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

3 Landscape Design Principles For Homes

Designing your landscape is important for the aesthetic of the outside of your home. First, you should make sure you follow the regulated line that forms around the edges of your home. Create a line so you know exactly where to garden, or build and make it look even. Second, when planting in front of your home, go from big to small. Go with bigger plants closer to your front porch or door and then go smaller when you get more in the center of your landscape. If you need help with landscape design in Lemont IL, click the link to speak with a professional who can help you.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Winter Landscape Maintenance

Winter Lawn Care
  • If your lawn is green in winter, add a light coat of fertilizer in the late winter.
  • Avoid walking your lawn if it is dormant or frozen, and use alternatives to salt because this can be harmful.
Winter Trees amd Shrubs Maintenance
  • If rain and snow are lacking, water newly planted evergreens.
  • Plant bare-root roses as soon as you can.
  • Prune trees in late winter
  • Wrap trees with tree guards or burlap to protect from insect or rodent damage.
Winter Garden Maintenance
  • Research wintering bulbs, discarding those that are soft or rotten.
  • Order more seeds for the following spring season.
  • Fertilize flowers in mild-winter regions with a fast-acting fertilizer.
Winter Hardscape Maintenance
  • Repair broken pieces of your hardscape such as arbors.
  • Check sprinkler systems for cracks.
  • Make sure to shovel snow from decks, patios, and walkways.3
If you need help with any of this, contact a professional in landscape maintenance in Napa County CA, who can help keep your landscape alive during the winter

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Benefits of Driveway Gates

Driveway gates can not only improve the security of your home, but the appearance of your overall yard as well. The list of benefits goes on and on, but we'll list a few that we learned from professionals in driveway gates in Summerfield NC:

- You'll be able to customize your gate, which can make your home feel completely unique. You can also add in elements of family heritage.
- Gates greet your guests to your property in a way that says "my home is important to me, you should feel the same way."
- Solicitors will not be able to come to your door, and you'll make it incredibly difficult for intruders to enter, as well.
- Easily install pass codes so that your family members can gain entry, and give out the code to trusted extended family members or friends.