Friday, August 10, 2018

What Fertilizer Can Do For Your Yard

Summer is peak time for keeping up with your lawn. Before you know it the leaves will start falling and the cooler weather will be upon us. While the sun is still out and shining, take advantage of getting your lawn in the best shape it can be in.

One way to do so is applying Lawn Fertilization in Savannah GA. This can do wonders for how your lawn looks for starters. If you have ever thought about how neighbors have healthy looking properties, it probably has to do with the up keep and fertilization. It's also important for lawn growth and health. You won't have to worry about dead patches again!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Landscaping Ideas with Rocks

Landscaping ideas that are carried out can compliment your entire home. Before you can start designing your yard, you need to take an inventory of your space and visualize what you want. One natural resource you can consider is the usage of rocks. For example, consider using average size slabs of rocks for the staircase or vary the sizes and shapes of the rock steps.

For a more fun and vibrant appearance, mix and match sizes and colors of rocks on the same pathway. The variety of colors will make your lawn stand out while giving your home a geographically friendly touch. Rock doesn’t just have to be used for landscapes! It can only make for a great pathway and a beautiful indoor or outdoor fireplace. Just ask the Leuders Stone experts in Keller TX!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Benefits of Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Having your lawn moved is probably one of the most important ways to maintain proper care of your yard. For starters, there is a physical benefit that can be seen immediately. It will make you happy every time you go outside and make your neighbors wonder how you got your grass to look so short, neat and even. Also, by having a well maintained lawn, it keeps the lawn health and eliminates some of the pests in the grass as well. In conjunction with that, it helps to make sure debris is cleared as well.

In your yard, resources are absorbed by the grass and used to grow. By reducing the grass blade and evening out your lawn, you have a n equal distribution of resources. Consistency is key! Then, after your grass has been cut, the fallen pieces of grass will help to fertilize the lawn. The plant matter will compost quickly and revitalize your soil. For more information on lawn services, checkout a Lawn Mowing company in Silver Spring MD.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Tick & Mosquito Lawn Treatment

Now is the time to take preventative action against unwanted pests, and applying mosquito and tick control treatments to your lawn is a crucial component of this. That’s why we’re bringing you all you need to know about mosquito and tick control to help ensure you’re able to keep your property safe throughout the remaining summer months and the rest of the year. The most important thing you can do is maintain your landscape. Mow your lawn, keep tall or overgrown weeds low, and clear away standing water to help deter ticks and mosquitoes from hanging around your property.

If you need help with landscape maintenance or landscape construction in Sonoma County CA, click the link to speak with a professional.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Benefits Professional Landscapers Bring to the Table

If you are a home or business owner, having an appealing landscape is always a top priority. Looks can say a lot and you want to make sure you have a welcoming environment for customers, guests, and others alike. Whether it is your passion or not, an expert landscaper will now how to get your lawn into shape.

So what benefits come with hiring professional lawn care companies in Asheville NC when your landscape needs help? First and foremost, you are going to get a professional look. No need to worry about the little things because an expert will have it covered. You will also save hours out of your day and weekend. It is often hard for people to set aside time for yard work. Hiring a landscaper will make sure your lawn is in great shape without sacrificing your other plans.

Cutting Out Weeds In The Yard

Summer is great for getting out and treating your landscape. Whether it's tending to the garden, mowing the grass, or adding new plants, there is plenty to do. One thing that all lawn lovers can bond over is effectively getting rid of weeds.

Weeds can be troublesome and make your lawn look less appealing. If not treated correctly, they can keep coming back to haunt you. If you are planning to do some weeding, make sure you kill them at the source. Don't allow for them to grow back in the same area. You can apply different fertilizers and sprays but be consistent. Sometimes the best thing to do is to call Weed Control in Jenks OK.

Are You Putting Your Family at Risk by Keeping a Tree in Your Landscape?

Many people get attached to the trees on their landscape. They might hang hammocks from them or build tree houses for their kids who end up spending a lot of time in them. But it's important to make sure that the tree is healthy enough to support a hammock or a tree house.

If the tree has been weakened by a disease or half-uprooted by a storm, then it's not going to be stable enough to support these structures. So you'll be putting yourself and your family at risk by continuing as before. In such cases, it's better to simply get the tree removed. Check in with a professional in landscape design in Montgomery AL to see what would work.