Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Eco-Friendly Decking

Since your outdoor living space is meant to appreciate Mother Nature in all her glory, why not respect her while creating it? Building your deck out of sustainable materials is not only good for the environment, but will help the structure last for generations to come. Examples of these materials include recovered wood fiber, long-lasting (and locally gathered) stone, and recycled post-consumer plastic. When painting or finishing your deck, make sure to shop for "low-VOC" products--or no-VOC if it's available. It's important to note that not all woods are actually sustainable, so do your research beforehand. Wood sustainability can be proven by a Forest Stewardship Council certification. For more advice on decks in Fort Worth TX, contact a landscaping professional.


We all know what landscaping is, but have you ever heard the term “hardscaping?” Hardscaping is exactly what it sounds like: the permanent, “hard” aspects of your landscape architecture that help level soil, limit erosion, and define spaces. Some examples are fences, paths, patios, planters, retaining walls, shelters, and ponds. Most of these features are human-made and built out of especially durable materials like wood, stone, brick, tile, or concrete. While softscaping elements (like trees, flowers, shrubs, gardens, etc.) fill your lawn with colors and wildlife, it’s important to contain them within beautiful hardscaping elements to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and functional space. Professional consultations and services for Landscape Construction inMarin County CA are important to pull off your desired end results.

3 Ways Landscaping Can Save You Money On HVAC

Air conditioning isn't cheap during the hot months of the summer. But, there is a way to reduce your air conditioning bill by being smart with your landscaping. Well placed trees can help keep your house cooler by blocking it from the sun. Find out how to reduce your bill even more now:

  • Shelter your home: Plant trees strategically to keep your house in the shade.
  • Green your roof: By having a garden on your roof, the plants absorb heat and cool the air through the process of evapotranspiration 
  • Keep your air conditioners clear by making sure it is not blocked by twigs or leaves. 
These tips came from professionals in landscape design in Palmetto FL. 

4 Easy Vegetables To Plant This Year

The best way to get the freshest vegetables is to grow and pick them yourself! This way is also cheaper, greener, and more fun. Here are some key vegetables to grow this year that would make the perfect salad:

  • Lettuce: Lettuce is easy to grow outside in the ground or inside in a container!
  • Spinach: Spinach is amazing in salad and almost every other dish too. This takes about 6 weeks to grow, so make sure you plant it 6 weeks before the last frost date in your town.
  • Tomatoes: These add color, flavor, and texture to any dish. This would be a fun vegetable to grow with children because they are so easy to grow inside and outside!
  • Green beans: These are a gardeners dream come true because they grow fast and hearty.
If you need any landscape maintenance in Magnolia MA to keep your vegetables alive and well, click the link to speak with professionals who can help. 

Why Soil Testing Is Important

Testing your lawns soil is important because it helps you choose appropriate species of plants to plant in that particular soil. Certain plants will live better in certain soils. Also, soil testing is especially useful if you:

  • would like to revive a droopy, dreary lawn or garden 
  • are looking to plan for next springs plants 
  • have just moved into a new home and are looking to understand your lawn and garden better so you know what to plant and what will survive 
If you need a professional in landscape lighting in Homer Glen IL, click the link and contact a professional who can help you understand your lawn better. 

How To Find The Best Landscaping Service

If you have a large lawn, you most likely want professionals to come take care of it when it needs to be trimmed. Finding the right professionals can be difficult. First, you have to decide what type of services you need. You may need mowing, troubleshooting, or remediation, which involves treatment of the grass. To find the best professionals, start by researching online. Look for reviews, credentials, insurance coverage, and overall general knowledge that the professionals display. Contact a professional in landscape design in Springfield VA if you need a consultation or have any further questions.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Protecting your Fence

Installing a fence is a big investment, so you want to make sure the fence you choose looks its best for as long as possible. One way of assuring this is to protect your fence with a waterproof sealant. As the years pass, untreated fence boards will deteriorate and weather much faster than pre-treated boards. Make sure to ask your fencing contractor about including this in your package. To learn more fencing tips, contact a professional in fence installation in Summerfield NC.