Friday, September 29, 2017

Keeping Pests Off Your Lawn

Many home and business owners are faced with the common problem of keeping animals and pests off their property. Different types of pests can be destructive to landscape design and growth. If you are currently running into these problems, read about mole control in Edmond OK to get rid of these pests for good.

The ultimate first step to starting rodent control is detecting the presence of a mole or where their home is located. These sneaky guys have tunnels they like to hide in to avoid predators, including humans! These holes and tunnels might be difficult to spot so keep an eye out for mounds of dirt or soil, for this is where they usually start. Once you find the mole’s home, you have a plethora of ways to try and get them to evacuate your property. You can use different types of traps, gasses, and repellents to get them to leave. Another approach is killing off the food they eat so they have no choice to leave. Use insecticides to eliminate their food source in your lawn.

Achieve a Healthier Lawn

No one person’s lawn is the same but there are some specific steps you can take to make progress towards a healthier lawn. While these steps are beneficial for you landscape, there are many different things to consider based on where you live and the type of lawn you have. Read these helpful tips to gain a healthier lawn for the future.

You might have guessed it, but one of the most important steps you can take is watering your lawn! It is smart to regularly water your lawn if it is not exposed to moisture regularly. But it is just as important to not overwater because it can actually cause major problems to the growth of your grass. Another step you can take towards a healthy lawn is fertilizing. Lawn fertilization in Asheville NC can help growth in the spring times when the ground is not as cold. Make sure to give your lawn time to wake up from the winter time before fertilizing right away.

Research and talk to lawn care experts to figure out the best practices for your lawn.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Modern Landscape Ideas

When is the last time you have updated your landscape design? If you have a hard time remembering, it might be time for an upgrade. There are many ways to add new life to your yard so there is no need to panic. Read these tips on some modern designs that can improve your landscape this fall.

A common landscape design that is popular for home owners now is the element of stone walkways. Stone walkways are very unique from a design standpoint and add a lot of excitement to the front or back of your home. Stones can be laid down on ground level with a gravel base or they can sit on top of concrete. Whichever you choose, this is a modern design you will start to see around your neighborhood. Another landscape design you might consider is cobblestone driveways. Like stone walkways, cobblestone will make your home and garage standout and can even help drainage when it rains. And believe it or not, both of these options aren’t as expensive as you would think!

For more ideas, check out Landscape Design in Leesburg VA.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Lawn Care During The Fall

Lawn care doesn't stop when it starts to get colder out.That's why giving your grass water and fertilizer in the fall is important because they need nutrients to survive and thrive in the winter. Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will help it conserve energy and build strong roots. This will keep nutrients on reserve for a healthy start next spring. If you need lawn fertilization in Fairport NY, click the link to speak with a professional. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

When to Treat Your Lawn with Granules

Tired of insects ruining the serenity of your lawn? Some insects are good for your lawn and garden, like bumble bees and worms. However, other insects (like fire ants, grubs, or crickets) can be quite pesky. A simple solution to ridding your lawn of them for good is to apply granules. Granules are made of grains that contain chemicals that attack insects' nervous systems and kill them quickly. They also control future populations from inhabiting your space.

Professionals in lawn insect control in Pensacola FL can help apply the product to your lawn. They'll also know which time of year is best to control the insect that's bothering you the most, depending on their seasonal activities. The time of day of the application is important as well. Cooler times of day--like early morning and evening--are when insects feed. This is the best time to apply the product. Make sure to consult your local

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Weeds Be Gone (For Good!)

Weeds are frustrating because it seems like no matter how often or hard you pull, the pesky plants always come back to take over your beautiful garden. We're here to offer some tips from professionals in weed control in Savannah GA to making sure that those weeds are under control for good:

-This first one might seem shocking: stop pulling. Surprisingly, pulling weeds out of the ground actually brings more weed seeds above the ground's surface, spreading their presence. Instead, slice them at their roots with a knife and allow the top of the weed to die on its own.
- Smother the weeds so that no light reaches them. You can do this by spreading wood chips, straw, or pine needles over the weeds. Make sure that the covering layer is at least two inches thick.
- Make a schedule to tend to them and stick to it. Consistent maintenance is the best way to assure that they go away and more importantly, stay away.
- Plant plants closer together to eliminate open space that weeds tend to grow into. Not only will your weed growth decrease, but your garden will look more luscious!

Friday, September 15, 2017

What is Austin Stone?

Austin stone is a beautiful type of limestone that is used in homes to create an amazing ambiance. It is best to use it indoors like in kitchens or living rooms. It has a rusticated look to it and can be formed in any pattern you choose! It is very durable and will not fade in color and requires little maintenance. If you're considering adding Austin Stone to your home, contact a professional in installing Austin Stone in Keller TX.

Create Your Ideal Yard

It is every home owner’s dream to have the perfect yard. Whether it is an entertainment area for friends and family or a decorative garden to bring color to your land, it is not an easy task to maintain. Read up on these tips for landscaping maintenance in Bradenton FL to bring your property to life.

One thing you can do to make your landscape stand out is lining your lawn with a fence. When a particular area is more defined and segmented, it tends to catch the eye more easily. Fencing is a great option to add contrast to your landscape but also make a private and safe area for your family. Another option to take into consideration is adding some traditional foundation planting to the front of your home. These plants will help set the tone of your landscape and also help add some maturity to newly built homes. One last idea is to create an established entry way to your door. This could include a unique walkway or lining that presents the front of your house.

Front Yeard Curb Appeal

Landscape design makes your house look good and also increases the value of your home. A good first impression can make a huge difference when selling your home, and the first thing people see is the outside of your home. So here are some tips on how to design your landscape:

  • Add borders and mulch. Clean edges make your yard look like it has always been well maintained. 
  • Prune your shrubs. This means just taking off all the dead branches or dead leaves that are on your shrubs and trees to help them live longer and healthier.
  • Add pops of color with planters and pots. This will draw the eye and look really pretty with colorful flowers in them. 
If you need help deciding on how to design your landscape, contact a professional in landscape design in Tinley Park IL.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Preventing Cracks in Concrete

The last thing you want to see after a fresh concrete job is the presence of cracks. The best practice to prevent this from happening to your hardscaping in Springfield VA is a successful curing process. Read up on these tips so you can layout the perfect concrete this fall.

One step you can take to prevent cracking in your concrete is placing a fine cover of plastic over top. The plastic serves to keep dust, dirt, and other elements off of the surface but its most important purpose is for the curing process. Drying should be done at a gradual pace, otherwise cracks will appear quickly. The plastic helps trap moisture inside so the concrete can dry over a longer period of time. For an extra safety measure you can always lightly mist the surface to prevent rapid drying.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Outdoor Fall Maintenance

Fall is a beautiful season, but the leaves are falling and landing on patios and decks. This is a good time to keep raking your leaves so your grass can get oxygen before the colder months. It is also a good time to trim your dead tree branches so they don't fall during the winter time. As for patio and deck furniture, it is a good idea to cover them up or bring them inside to a shed or a garage. Or, you could build a patio cover to block it from the damage of rain or snow. If you need patio covers in Fort Worth TX, click the link to speak with a professional who can help you in preparation for the winter.