Friday, September 1, 2017

More Fall Lawn Care Tips

We recently shared some fall lawn care tips. We got a great response from that post so we wanted to come back with more tips. Keep these tips in mind to help your lawn thrive this fall and winter. This batch of tips were provided by experts in lawn maintenance in Asheville NC.
  • Rake a few times. A big mistake people make is waiting until the last leaves have fallen to rake. While that may sound convenient, it can be damaging to your lawn. If you let leaves sit on your lawn during fall, they'll likely get wet and act as a blanket for lawn. This will prevent the grass and soil from receiving necessary sunlight.
  • Fertilize. If you're going to only fertilize once a year, fall is definitely the time. While fall isn't associated with growth, it can be a great time for grass roots to grow. Fertilize your lawn to help your lawn grow strong roots and survive winter.

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