Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Landcape Design and Electrical Safety

Many people enjoy decorating their yard based on the season, holiday, or event, but this can be dangerous if not done properly. Lighting is a great way to add a special emphasis on your yard year round, but you should always be mindful of electrical safety. All outdoor electrical cords, wire, plugs and sockets should be waterproof and safely installed to ensure there are no added safety concerns throughout your yard.

Contact a local Tinley Park IL landscape design professional today for more information on getting the most out of your exterior in the safest way possible.

The Effects of Soil Erosion

Unfortunately, with summer heat often comes serious storms. Heavy summer rains or lightning storms can cause damage to your trees, flowers, and gardens, so you'll want to do your best to act quickly in these situations to prevent the issues from snowballing out of control. After a serious storm, your should always check your landscape for erosion. Check the soil and mulch throughout your landscape to determine if it has been washed away by recent flooding or heavy rains. Not only is erosion an eyesore, but it can lead to serious drainage issues throughout other parts of your yard. If you need help assessing or fixing this, contact a local South Hills PA lawn maintenance professional today.

Help Your Fruit Trees Flourish

Fruit trees are a great addition to any landscape, as they are not only great to look at, but they provide you with plenty of refreshing, homegrown snacks! When planning to plant a fruit tree, you should consider the soil within your yard to determine if it's right for your new tree. The soil can be tested before or after planting your fruit tree to determine if any additional nutrients should be added to the soil to help promote healthier growth. If you determine that soil nutrients are necessary, consider consulting a local Hillsborough Township NJ lawn care professional for recommendations on the best fertilizers for your situation.