Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Winter Lawn Care tips

Most people don't think about lawn care during the winter months. That doesn't mean that keeping up with your lawn is not important though. Thankfully, a Hopewell NJ lawn maintenance company has provided some tips:
  • Do a soil test. Before planting in the spring, consider testing your soil to get a better understanding of the conditions and how your new plants or trees may be affected. Considering the soil quality will help you select a species that is fitting to your environment.
  • Check for diseases and pests. You should check your landscape for any signs of diseases or pest and critter infestation. It’s best to identify and treat these issues early to prevent permanent damage! If necessary, consult a professional about the use of pesticides and potential alternatives.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Lawn Care Tips

Many people tend to neglect their lawn during the winter. You definitely don't need to do as much maintenance during the winter but it is important to keep an eye on your lawn and see how it is doing. Thankfully, a lawn service in Charlotte NC has provided us with some remind and tips for keeping your lawn in good shape.

  • Aerate. Using an aerator to loosen up the soil in your lawn and gardens will help promote better growth and an overall healthier lawn.
  • Mow regularly. Your lawn should be mowed year-round. During spring, summer, and fall, it may be necessary to mow at least once a week, while during winter months it can be done much less frequently.
  • Feed it. Most experts recommend fertilizing your lawn at least twice a year to promote optimal healthy growth. You may want to consult with a professional landscaper about which fertilizer is right for your grass.

Landscaping Tips

Winter is a great time to start planning your landscaping for next year. You don't want to be stuck without a plan when warmer weather comes and your ready to improve your yard. You should take some time to sit down and think of what you want to do and how you'll achieve it. Here are some Palmetto FL landscaping design tips to make your yard more colorful.

  • Create a container garden. Try planting a mixture of your favorite flowers in pots or containers to create a flexible and versatile alternative to your typical in-ground landscape. Not only can you move them inside if necessary to avoid weather damage or seasonal climate change, but you can select decorative pots to add some extra pop.

  • Add fruit trees. Fruit trees are a great way to provide not only a homegrown food source, but also some beautiful blooms in the spring. To reach full potential during grow season, fruit trees must be pruned and well maintained year-round.

  • Plant bulbs. Bulbs often produce some of the most beautiful flowers, but make sure to do your research before planting them. Different types of bulbs thrive in different seasons, climates, and soils.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Stay Inspired

The winter can be dreary time. It's easy to sit inside all winter and lose some inspiration for your projects. However, we're here to help keep you inspired. Here are some tips for how to create a beautiful lawn year round.
  • Use outdoor lighting. Install outdoor lighting fixtures to illuminate your yard or hardscapes in Naperville IL at night. Decide if you want something simple such as a solar lamppost stuck in the ground or something more intricate to add more visual appeal.
  • Utilize potted plants. Potted plants offer a versatile option to help decorate your landscape. Adding a few near your front door or driveway will help create a welcoming vibe, while helping to tie together you outdoor landscaping and your home.
  • Create diversity. Fill your yard with many different types of flowers, trees, and shrubs to make your yard stand out. Make sure you include at least one flower for each season so there is always at least one plant blooming year-round.

Winter Tips

Winter is right around the corner, and while you likely won't be spending much time outside, that doesn't mean you should neglect your yard. Thankfully, a North Hills PA lawn care expert provided us with some tips to share with you for keeping your lawn and landscaping in good shape throughout the winter.

  • Fertilize. Keep your lawn properly fertilized during the winter months to prevent the growth of snow mold.
  • Create shelter with covers. While most plants can endure winter weather, some may be more sensitive to colder temperature than others. Use sheets, tarps, or blankets to help temporarily protect your precious landscape from frost. If possible, potted plants and statues should be moved inside to prevent cracks or breaks.

  • Beware of salts. De-icing salts can kill grass and create bare spots in your yard. If you plan to use salts this winter, try to keep them as far away from your lawn as possible.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fall Tips

We hope everybody is having a great fall so far! Thankfully it hasn't been too cold yet so we've been enjoying this nice weather. As we get into the middle of autumn, we wanted to help you keep your lawn in good shape. Thankfully, a Napa landscape maintenance company has provided some tips for dealing with leaves.
  • Use a leaf blower. A leaf blower is a quick and easy alternative to raking. Blow the leaves onto a tarp to be disposed of or into a pile near the street.
  • Don’t wait. Piles of leaves left in the yard are not only an eyesore, but can kill your grass. It’s best to remove leaves from your yard multiple times rather than waiting to do it once at the end of the season.
  • Use a mower. Kill two birds with one stone with your lawnmower. While mowing your yard, make sure to mow over leaves. If your lawnmower has a grass catcher, take out the collected leaf clipping and use them to mulch your gardens.
  • Recycle. After collecting the leaves, use them as mulch or in a compost pile. These options promote healthy soil and will contribute to the growth of healthy trees and plants.

New Fence

A couple weeks ago, the big storm damaged a large section of my fence. I took a lot of precaution with my home and car, but didn't really think about my fence. Now only a small part of it is still standing which doesn't do me very good.

Once I got things cleaned up in my yard, I started researching what to do for my fence. I figured I could have someone come out and repair the sections that broke. The first person I talked to told me that I'd be better off replacing the entire fence instead of repairing the broken sections.

I reached out to a local professional for fence installation in Summerfield NC. He agreed that since most of my fence was damaged and my fence was old to begin with, I'd be better off just getting a new fence. He walked me through my options and asked me what I hoped to accomplish with a fence. We were able to figure out the best fence for me and he installed it. The entire process was great.