Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Landscape Design Process

Where do you even begin when trying to decide the perfect landscape for your property? My parents used a local landscape design company and they made it very simple and straight forward. They had a three-step process broken down into the different stages of the landscape design.

Step 1 - The Initial Consultation: This is the beginning step where a walk through of the property is completed. The main landscaper walked with my parents listening to them and taking notes trying to envision the design through their eyes. The main landscaper then put together a document regarding the design fees and agreement in order to move onto the next step where the landscape will begin to come to life.

Step 2 - The Concept Stage: Now the project and exciting part begins. The outline of the landscape will be presented and get down the major details. This part is important because both my parents and the landscaper want to make sure the project is heading down the same path.

Step 3 - The Plan Stage: This is where the final pieces start moving all together. They get down to the details of what will be included with specific plants, trees, and hardscape (if you go this route). Another walk through is then performed with the final touchings added which at this point the final proposal is then put together.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Pool?

Last summer's big project was the installation of your brand new pool. It was a perfect way to keep the kids cool in the summer heat but also outdoors in the fresh air. Project for this summer? What is the best way to keep the yard neat and clean between the pool and house? A patio is a fantastic investment and an easy way to keep the space between your pool and house looking crisp. No more wet grass and mud being tracked into the house and you can also add furniture to the patio to make the outdoor area even more enjoyable. Especially on those cooler summer nights! I would recommend contacting your local landscape construction professional to learn more about the simple ways of making your last summer project even more enjoyable.