Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Don't Get Lazy in The Winter

Many people don't do much with their landscaping in the winter time, thinking that since their lawsn are covered in snow there is really no point! There is an important point however, and that is that how you treat your lawn during the winter will determine how it will look during spring. If you're worried about dead grass when the snow finally melts for the season, now is the time to do something about it.  Consider lawn fertilization in Pensacola FL. It can make a huge difference in your landscaping through spring and year round.

The Greenest

I pride myself on having the greenest lawn in my neighborhood. It has taken years of handwork to get it that way, so I work year round to keep it looking its very best. Of course, I with so much land I wouldn't be able to do it all on my own. That's why I rely on landscape maintenance in Isle of Hope GA. They are an incredible team that has given more knowledge and satisfaction out of my lawn than I never knew possible. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to beautify or maintain the beauty of their landscaping!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pruning Tips

We get a lot of questions as spring approaches about pruning trees. Pruning is really important, and equally easy to get wrong. People get eager with pruning and often do it too much or not at the right time.

The trick is pruning is knowing when to do it. What makes this tricky is that there isn't a set time. The timing all depends on the type of flower and where you are. We want to help you out by sharing some tips on pruning. These were provided by an expert in landscape maintenance in Woodbine MD.
  • Trees and shrubs that flower in mid to late summer should be pruned in winter or early spring.
  • The best time to prune trees that tend to bloom in the spring, is when their flowers fade.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Winter Landscaping Tips

A lot of the country got hit with snow today. While we know that not everywhere in the country is snowy, it's important to focus on winter landscaping. There's still a good chance and places in the south will have some cold weather before spring. These tips were provided by landscaping maintenance in Bradenton FL.
  • Trees and vines can be great focal points for your garden and also don't require as much attention as some other flowers and plants.
  • Looking for privacy in your backyard? Add some tall evergreens for more privacy and a great look for your garden!
  • Is your garden not peaceful enough for you because of the noisy roads behind your home? Add a water feature to help filter out that noise!

Get Excited for More Tips!

 We hope everyone has been enjoying these tips. We're almost done but have a few more. These are some great tips that were provided by a Springfield VA landscape design expert.
  • Before you jump right into your next landscaping project, take some time to create a master plan. This will help you decide exactly what you need to buy and when to buy it to avoid wasting money.
  • While filling your gardens with trees and flowers of different sizes and colors can add depth to your garden, be careful to avoid overcrowding, which can lead to pest invasions, diseases, and overall poor health.
  • Winter is a great time to take a good look at your yard to determine what kind of changes you would like to make in the upcoming months. Once warmer weather hits, you will be able to put your plan into action!

Landscape tips for this time of year.

Before we know it, spring will be here. But for now, make sure you're staying cold and protected against the snow. Now is a great time of year for some great tips from a Wenham MA landscape design professional!

  • Keep an eye out for many flowers, such as the Daffodil, that begin to bloom in early spring!
  • Grass will often turn brown during the winter months, only to spring back to life once warmer weather hits. To ensure your grass will come back to life, avoid walking on your lawn as much as possible!
  • Consider adding an arch or gate at the entryway of your garden to create a welcoming and well-architected feel.

Misc. Landscaping Tips

We've gotten a great response with these tips lately. The good news is we have a lot more! Here are some helpful landscaping tips provided by an expert in lawn mowing in NW DC.
  • If you're not interested in all the maintenance associated with annuals, try filling out your garden with perennials since they tend to require less care.
  • Make the best of your small yard by planting different types of flowers with varying blooming seasons to make sure something is always in bloom.
  • Grass should be kept short during the winter months to fend off grass-feeding critters!

More Tips!

As promised, we want to keep delivering great landscaping tips. These helpful tips were provided by an expert in lueders stone in Fort Worth TX.

  • Take a trip to a local garden center to learn what types of flowers are typical for the season and location.
  • Fight the winter blues by lighting up your outdoor walkways! Illuminated arches and solar lights are great ways to add cheer to your landscape during the winter months.
  • Leaves left unattended from previous months can create dead spots throughout your grass and should be removed to avoid any additional lawn-health issues!

Great Landscaping Tips!

We hope everyone is doing well. We just came across a lot of really great landscaping tips and info so we wanted to share them with you. These tips were provided by an expert in landscape design in Lockport IL.

  • Tip of the Day! To ensure optimal growth, make sure your plants are exposed to enough sun and good quality soil.
  • Gardening Tip! Add annuals to a garden of perennials each year to change up the look and keep it fresh.
  • Tip of the Day! Reuse and repurpose old garden tools, like shovels or rakes, as DIY d├ęcor in your outdoor landscape.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Spring Landscape Ideas

Spring will be here before we know it, and if you wait until spring starts to think about landscaping, that's too late. Take some time now to plan out your goals for the upcoming season. To help, here are some tips from an expert in landscape design in Richmond VA.

  • Try planting a mixture of your favorite flowers in pots or containers to create a flexible and versatile alternative to your typical in-ground landscape. Not only can you move them inside if necessary to avoid weather damage, but you can select decorative pots to add a little extra pop!
  • Using an airator to loosen up the soil in your lawn and gardens will help promote better growth and an overall healthier lawn.
  • Mix a scoop of coffee grinds in with your potting soil. The extra nutrients in coffee will help your plants grow and flourish!
If you have any questions about landscaping or need some more ideas for landscape design in Fairfax Station VA, don't hesitate to contact a professional.

Start Thinking About Landscaping

We can't believe it's already February. Now is a really important time to be thinking about your landscaping. Here are some helpful tips provided by a Princeton NJ lawn care professional.

  • A bird bath will attract different kinds of birds and help bring life to your landscape; however, don't forget to empty the water when the temperatures drop to prevent exposure to freezing water temperatures.
  • While late winter is a great time to prune fruit trees and berry plants, you'll want to avoid cutting back plants that flower in the spring.
  • Get ready to edge and mulch your flower beds because spring is right around the corner! Now is the perfect time to take a look at your yard and see what work needs to be done.