Wednesday, April 26, 2017

DIY Landscaing Projects

We've gotten a good response from people looking for DIY projects they can do with their landscaping. We love to hear people getting excited about their landscaping and loved the requests. Here are some fun DIY projects you can do to your landscaping in Birmingham AL.
  • Grow an herb garden. Whether it's in a window in your kitchen or in your yard, an herb garden is a great project with great rewards. Think of a few herbs you would use the most, and plant a few in a sunny area. As a bonus, they'll make your home smell great.
  • Make your own fertilizer. Fertilizer can be expensive and contain harmful chemicals. Try a natural mix of banana peels, coffee grounds, and egg shells.
  • Lay a stone path. Stone tiles provide a great way to get creative and provide a walk way around your yard or garden. Choose different shapes and colors and get creative.

Lawn Care Tips

While we recommend taking care of your yard year round for best results, it isn't too late to focus on your yard. Now is a great time to make sure your lawn is in great shape for the summer. We want to help you achieve that goal by providing helpful information you should know. These tips were shared with us by a Charlotte NC lawn care expert.
  • Aerate your lawn. Use an aerator to loosen up the soil in your lawn. This will promote better growth and leave you with a healthier lawn.
  • Mow regularly. If you haven't yet this year, it's likely time for the most mow of the season. Grass grows really quick around this time, and it's important to mow regularly to make sure your grass isn't growing too long and blocking the soil from nutrients.
  • Looking to fill in bald spots? Sod is the quickest way to fill in spots but can be expensive. Consider grass seed, which has proven to be just as effective.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lawn Insect Control

We spend most of the time on this blog talking about lawn health and how to make your landscaping beautiful. However, we don't spend enough time on an important issue - insect control for your lawn. With the start of spring will come a lot more bugs and insects so we want to take this time to help share some tips to protect your lawn. These tips were provided by an expert in lawn insect control in Mobile AL.
  • Know how much to water. You might not think that too much water is a bad thing. However, insects love moist environments, so it's important to only water your grass the recommended amount. To much water can invite unwanted pests.
  • Clean up your yard. This is a popular time of year to hold BBQs and other outdoor events. These parties will likely leave a lot of trash and leftover food in your yard. In order to protect against unwanted pests, make sure you clean up your yard immediately after the event and bring leftover food back inside.
  • Remove natural waste. This is most relevant in late summer and fall, but still is important in the spring. Make sure you clean up any leaves or branches or any other natural waste in  your yard. This waste presents shelter and nutrients to pests.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Landscaping Tips

It looks like spring is finally here for good. While there may be a cold day here or there, we've been experiencing some consistent warm weather and we're loving it. Spring is a big time for landscaping, as things are starting to grow and bloom. If you want to have a beautiful landscape throughout summer, now is an important time to work. Here are some great spring landscaping tips provided by experts in landscape management in Fergus ON.
  • Take some time to walk around and inspect your yard. Look for any potential issues, whether that is unwanted weeds or any damage to your trees, flowers, or hardscapes. It's likely that at least one part of your landscape was damaged over the winter.
  • If you haven't done so already, plant! It's still cool enough that the temperatures provide a low stress environment that is perfect for planting. Make sure that newly planted plants have plenty of room to grow and expand.
  • Constantly monitor your grass and plants and know when you need to water. If the grass starts to turn yellow or brown it needs some watering.