Friday, February 27, 2015

New House, New Yard

After moving into our new home, with a newborn and finally getting back to work – I have had no time for any type of care around our home. Our lawn was mowed once by a new neighbor of ours for $20 the second day we moved in, but he also managed to ruin some flowers in the process as well. Now that it’s been a few months, I realized that our backyard, much bigger than I had realized, needed a lot of work. This work would probably take hours, and that’s something we just didn't have. As much as we loved the thought from our neighbor when he mowed the lawn, we really needed to hire a professional in lawn care in Shawnee KS. I started to look around online, and with many high star ratings I finally found a place. They offered more services than I knew of, and were able to show me examples of what could be done to our lawn. We had them come out, during the day when we weren't home and they fixed our yard completely. I came home after work and my yard was so different – but in a good way! I was so happy with the changes that I decided to throw a party just to show it off. That weekend, we received so many compliments on our yard and were able to refer many people to our wonderful lawn care company.