Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gathering Ideas

One great thing about the summer time after work is coming home and going out for a walk around the neighborhood. It is later in the day so the weather is cooler which helps. I also enjoy looking at the different homes and how their landscaping is done. One big thing is most all the traditional homes and their landscape in Vienna VA, are beautiful. I've been gathering some good ideas and will certainly take a couple pages from my neighbors playbook to create a great outdoor area so when I come back from my walks, I have somewhere to hang out outdoors. 

Crazy Landscape or Normal Landscape?

It may sound out there, but many things about my home design I consider a special work of art. Landscape maintenance in Napa County CA would definitely be one of these. The independence you have to do just about anything (don't break any HOA rules!) you want with the landscape in front of your home is both fun and also a little nerve wracking. You could go with something conservative with trees, bushes, and a nice design of flowers. Or you could go off the charts a little and design something out of a movie or a painting. Fortunately, my wife's ideas for our landscape design wasn't anything crazy. We began to research landscape design in West Chester PA and got some help with what we were feeling!

Design Disaster

I was moving into a new home in Bryn Mawr and my entire block was lined with homes that had beautiful landscaping. You’d walk to the front of my home and… nothing. Everything was completely barren unless you count a small group of flowers my daughter and I planted earlier in the year. A neighbor of mine called my lawn a ‘design disaster.’ I felt embarrassed and I’ve never felt embarrassed over not owning shrubbery before! I finally caved and looked up someone who could come in for landscape design in Bryn Mawr PA. I was able to find a few companies that really knew what they were doing and didn’t want to go too overboard with the colors or designs. All in all, I love the way my home looks with the landscaping out in the front of it.