Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My grandmother recently moved into a new home in the Washington DC area. She had been living on her own ever since my grandfather passed about 10 years ago. We finally convinced her to move from Vermont down to be closer to her family in the DC area. She got set up with a very nice home that included a pool so we can go over and hang out with her especially in the summer time. I had never seen the house before she moved in and we went over last Sunday for a big family welcome party. We pulled up and my first glance of the house:

First thing I noticed was the landscaping - Yikes! The rest of the house was perfect including a nice screened in porch with a pool in the backyard. Of course grandma had no clue the landscaping wasn't in good shape so we took control and called our local Vienna landscapers to come and help her the following week to shape the yard up and make it look pretty. Those guys are the best.