Friday, November 21, 2014

Commercial Landscaping

I own a hotel in Napa and we were reopening with a new branding technique in mind. Everything was completed from new furniture to new paint and paintings in the rooms. The last thing I needed to do was find a landscaper and someone to do landscape maintenance in Napa. I wanted the people who implemented the design to continue the design’s upkeep in the months to come. We were able to find a design that worked with the new look of the hotel and even enhanced our appearance to our target customers. They even came up with new designs for our next rebranding and helped me keep things fresh and looking new, healthy and beautiful.

Winter Landscaping Duties

With this cold weather really starting to set in, my family and I are starting to get ready to take care of our lawn during the cold season. We’ve been going out to buy salt, shovels and making sure our lawn won’t be ruined while it snows. Living in northern Maryland, it’s hard to get to my grandparents’ house in Arlington VA to take care of their lawn. Seeing that we are supposed to have a bad winter this season, we’re very worried that no one will be able to help them with their lawn if we can’t get down there for a few weeks. I’ve always been able to make my way down to Arlington to visit and take care of all their lawn duties but I knew I had to find a reliable company who offers lawn care in Arlington VA.  This company that I found let me purchase a visit program ahead of time for my grandparents so they didn’t have to worry about a thing! They come every season, twice and make sure all the necessities are taken care of. This really put me and my grandparents at ease. They also offer snow removal which we will definitely utilize as the weather gets worse. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact a Charlotte NC lawn care professional.